Northern Lights: The Definitive Guide to Auroras
Tom Kerss

Year: 2021
ISBN: 978-0008465551
From the author: As a seasoned aurora-chaser, I'm proud to have produced this definitive guide for anyone interested in learning more about this spellbinding phenomenon, or planning their own arctic adventure. Read about the formation, properties and diverse types of auroras. Discover the mythology and history of the Northern Lights, spanning thousands of years. Find out about aurora science from Antiquity to the modern day, including the space age which enabled accurate aurora-forecasting. Finally, learn how to take your own stunning photographs of the Northern Lights. This fully illustrated guide has been well-received by experienced aurora-chasers and scientists alike, and is ideally suited to those who dream to see the Northern Lights one day.
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Observing Our Solar System: A Beginner's Guide
Tom Kerss

Year: 2022
ISBN: 978-0008532611
From the author: This guide takes stargazers with some experience to their next destination: the Solar System. Learn how our celestial neighbourhood came to be understood – from ancient theories of its mechanics to the modern age of remote sensing, Explore the significant targets for amateur astronomers – the Moon, Sun and planets – to see how they can be observed by eye and with telescopes. Discover some of the more obscure but fascinating worlds, including asteroids and dwarf planets, and dazzling special events, such as meteor showers, conjunctions, occultations and eclipses. This fully illustrated guide includes advice on astrophotography and a list of excellent online resources to support your observing.