YOU CAN Explore the Universe
Tom Kerss

Year: 2021
ISBN: 978-0008420970
From the author: Created as part of the fantastic YOU CAN range, YOU CAN explore the universe is the how-to book for kids who love space. It’s easy to understand and tells them exactly what they need to know step-by-step. With easy tips on how, when and where to spot stars and planets, space to scribble and make the book their own, and fun activities guaranteed to ignite curiosity and wonder, this book is ideal for budding young astronomers. I created and curated dozens of thought-provoking exercises and challenges for children aged 7-11, which are perfectly suitable for the home or the classroom. 

The Squirrel that Watched the Stars
Tom Kerss & Anni Betts

Year: 2022
ISBN: 979-8426091351
From the author: The Squirrel that Watched the Stars is the first entry in a novel series of rhyming pictures books for young children called Starry Stories. In this first tale, beautifully illustrated by Anni Betts, a curious squirrel in Greenwich Park longs to learn about the stars, just like the astronomers at the observatory close to his tree. Unable to speak to the astronomers, and with no one else around to help him, it seems the squirrel might never have his questions answered. But just before he goes to bed, he meets an unlikely visitor, who shares her remarkable knowledge to teach him everything he wants to know. This charming bedtime story will take little stargazers on a journey of imagination to learn about the wonders of the night sky. What will you discover about the stars?